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News & Events

New sites launched for:
- Making Up Lost Ground (4/9/10)
- Ex Con Jobs (4/1/09)
- Lamberto (12/14/09)
- GFM Originator (5/19/09)
- GFM Opportunity (5/6/09)
- White Rock Crossing (4/31/09)
- GFM Broker (4/10/09)
- GP Plastics (3/2/09)
- Bryant Rose (1/25/09)
- Perfect Electric (1/23/09)

New web site for unveiled (5/31/09)

Profile added to Facebook (5/20/09) a Design & Hosting Service Provided by Blakley Creative, Inc.

We are providing this value added service as a way to better serve our current and future customers.

Blakley Creative has been designing web sites since 1995 and has an advertising, direct mail and print background going back almost 30 years. Go to our Design page to review our philosophy of design, and Optimization page to see how we build your site to work in any browser. We can pick up a site at about any stage of development, finish and/or maintain an existing site.

A Web Site is not "A Field of Dreams"

Just because you build it they won't necessarily come. You need some insight as to the overall workings of search engines, code optimization, navigability and of course overall image. When a site appears to be well designed it usually is because it integrates all these principles without drawing attention to Itself. If your prospect comes to your site and can't find what they are looking for you have missed the mark. A clean professional site is important, but folks don't come to your site for it's cosmetic beauty they are looking for your information, product or service.

When we build it we give you much better chance that they will come. Contact us today and let us get you off on the right foot.

* Limited time offer. Offer good when we design your web site hosted by Blakley Creative, Inc. The offer is an average $200 value annual hosting fee for the first year after launch. Design fees based on a project scope and a prospectus agreement.


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