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A Variety of Sites We Have Designed

These are samples of some different types of designs although we have designed plus many, many more.

Making Up Lost Ground

Lone Star Amusements
Lone Star Amusements

Lamberto Art Gallery
Lamberto Art Gallery

Power Passion & Glory the Movie

Saturn Construction
Saturn Construction

Amanda Van Loon Wellness Coach
Amanda Van Loon Wellness Coach



Web Site DesignWe Can Design Your
Site from the Ground Up or Provide You with Templates to

When we design your site we will need to spend some significant time with you first deciding what you need from your site. Before we can even do an estimate of the cost many questions will need to be answered.

Building a website is a lot like building a house, it can be as simple or complex as you need it to be. Who will write the copy? Will photography be provided? Do you need a database or ecommerce? Who is your target audience? Do you already own your name? Are we going to host it? Do You want a full SEO program? And many more answers need to be provided before we know what you need and want from your site.

Making your site make sense to your potential or existing customer is a big part of, what we consider, good design. With navigation that makes sense and is easy to follow. Prioritizing your links and where and when crossing linking is important and makes sense. A web site is very rarley a simple point A to B connection, but a series of "cut to the chase" moments. "Buy Now", "Contact Us" or "For More Information..." the message changes, but the goal is the same, helping you build your business.

Once a proposal has been agreed upon, we start with a basic design "look". When the design is approved we will slice-n-dice the pieces and the code to begin assembly. There is another approval stage at this point. Then we begin propagating the rest of the pages, creating the databases or whatever the particular site requires. We then test the sites on several systems, browsers and versions to make sure that it works right.

The end product will be a clean, browser optimized, site that can even be viewed on older computers and systems. All the pieces that need to be there for search optimization are built in.

We design sites for "site designers." Naturally, they don't want us to show them on our web site, but if you contact us we do have permission from a couple to share them with you directly.

United Small Business
Blue Sky Landscape
Morris Tack
Chameleon Studios
Solare Media

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