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Web Site Maintenance

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Some Sites that We Maintain on a Regular Basis

A couple of sites we maintain that have agreed to speak in our behalf. Don't hesitate to contact them for a reference.

Holeshot Magazine
Holeshot Magazine (Daily)

Saturn Construction
Saturn Construction (when requested)

Lone Star Amusements
Lone Star Amusements (monthly)

Web Site MaintenanceAll but the Cob Web Sites Require Some Measure of Upkeep

To continue the analogy that a web site is a lot like building a house, a house without maintenance will before too long come crashing down. Not only is this important for the viability of your site, but the searchability of your site.

A website is a living breathing document. All the search engines pay attention to the relevance of sites they list and list them accordingly. Even if you are completely happy with the way your site looks and its wording it behooves you to have some current and changing content in your site. Naturally, this creates a bit more work, but it is essential to your presence on the web. Blakley Creative can even pick up an existing site developed by someone else and provide you with the maintenance you desire.

This a very fluid end of our business and it can amount to one a time revision to managing daily, weekly or monthly updates. Updating and changing email accounts or database tweaks and/or managing are all things we can do for you and your site. In any case, we can provide you with a maintenance agreement that once agreed upon will be done.

Pricing this will require consultation or be added at the end of your website development process (that we have designed), since we would already be familiar with what you have and what it will take to keep it up to date.

To inquire about us maintaining your site contact us and we'll get right on it!


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