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Some References to Past Optimization Success Stories

Below are a couple clients that have given us permission to use them as references on traffic. Feel free to contact them to inquire how they perceive Blakley Creative's value to them.

Blue Sky Landscape
Blue Sky Landscape

Bryant Rose & Co.
Bryant Rose & Co.

Lamberto Art Gallery
Lamberto Art Gallery

Lone Star Amusements
Lone Star Amusements


Search Engine Optimization SEO or SearchabilitySearch Engine & Site Optimization

When programmer types use the word optimization they are usually talking about search engine optimization (SEO) or "Searchability," but there is another type of optimization, often overlooked by many web developers, known as site optimization. Below we will briefly discuss both, the differences and why you should consider them both when hiring your web design team.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also known as Searchability

Everybody wants to be number one on Google® this is of course difficult since there are now double digit billions of websites worldwide. Any site designer worth it's salt will build in the various components to allow search engines to find you and list your site correctly. Then comes the difficult part. The rules for getting listed number one or even on page one are as varied as the search terms someone might use to find you, the search engine they use, your location in respect to them (if important) and more. To do this job correctly a heavy amount of upfront consultation must take place between you and the company offering you SEO services.

Companies that make blanket statements like "We can make your site number one" are blowing smoke up your skirt. Number one in what, where, when? Depending on your business niche, you might attain a good ranking, but for how long and from what search location, etc.? We don't promise #1 out of the box, but with time and perseverance we will get you into a descent position. Don't take our word for it as our customers.

It all starts with understanding your target audience
There are many aspects to making you searchable outside of the search engines proper; listing with organizations that list appropriate businesses; setting you up with a FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, Wikipedia and more; involving a blog where appropriate and some good old fashioned methods of advertising. Traffic, you see varied in how we get it there, is another way to make your site more searchable to help fulfill what the search engines refer to as "relevance".

With all that being said, there is the whole issue of pay-per-click (PPC) and this does have some value to certain types of businesses. Regardless of what the search engines say it does weigh in on where your site will appear when searched. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. We can set you up with a PPC and maintain it for you with a complete reporting and accountability program sent to you at regular intervals or train you to maintain it yourself. Just inquire and we will be happy to get your proposal started.

Site Optimization

This term is a bit broader than just the SEO portion it involves the raw HTML, ASP, actual images, art, browser compatibility, etc. and, once again, understanding your target audience

We've all gone to that web site that seemed to take an eternity to load, even with a broadband access. A device is set there telling you to just wait a minute. How many times do you? When you have how many times has it asked you to download a plug-in to view the page correctly? Come on now!

Most designers can make a site look good, but now look at it in several environments such as older systems, with older browsers, with a slow access speeds and the wheels start to come off. Often referred to as "bleeding edge" technology many sites don't need it and it doesn't do anything to help sell the your product or service. A web site shouldn't call attention to itself but to you or your company and if something doesn't work on your page or it takes too long to load you've lost that prospect, before you even got started.

Minimization is another way to put it. Give them as much as they need, but not at the expense of load time. This is a three fold approach:

  • First any graphics on the page should be sized down to the minimal size needed to still look good and still load as quickly as possible. We use a number of techniques we have developed over the years to cause this to happen. It often means trying it more than one format before determining which is the smallest and most effective (a step skipped by most web developers). We won't bother you with the whole JPG, verses GIF, verses PNG, etc., but suffice it to say we know what we're doing in this regard.
  • Second is the code. Whether you are HTML, ASP, PHP or any other language, minimizing the code that loads is paramount. Removing any unnecessary tags and code that do nothing for the appearance or functionality of your page. This seams like a simple concept, but with the advent of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web site design tools almost anyone willing to buy them can design a web page. Most inexperienced designers build using only these tools with no understanding of the code that makes them work, so you get a lot of wasted code downloading each time someone views one of your pages. We can work at a code level to minimize this!
  • Third is navigability. Now your prospect has found your site, but can they find what they looking for? We discuss this in more detail on our Design Page, but suffice it to say, that if they aren't finding what they are looking for and fairly quickly, they're gone. We always keep that in mind in the design process.

This site is an example that you don't really need a complex site construct to deliver a simple message. Our's is, yeah we can do that. Do reallly want to know exactly how?


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